Dear Athletes,

Our 7th annual “Camp for the Stars” was a HUGE hit once again.  Your commitment to work hard, work together, and give great effort and a positive attitude to the two days of drills, coaching and the exciting scrimmage that concluded our Camp made that happen.  The Coaching Staff and I have had the opportunity to watch a lot of you really improve tremendously.

As you prepare for next season, the Coaching Staff would like you to get on a regular exercise regimen consisting of 4 days; 3 days during the week for 30 minutes a day; and 1 weekend day as well.  Choose biking, swimming, hiking, strength training or any activity that raises your heart rate.  Make sure you get your workout cleared through your doctor as our VCS players must do and be as loyal to it as you can for the best results.  This will allow you to be prepared for the 2014 Camp and allow you to perform at your best as well.

Can’t wait for year 8 of “CAMP for the STARS”.  Until then,

My Best to you Always,

Mike MachadoHead Coach, Valley Christian Warriors

Mike Machado
Head Coach, Valley Christian Warriors

Coach Mike Machado
Head Coach and Founder
“Camp for the Stars”

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