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About the Camp

The Football Camp for the Stars is exclusively for male athletes with Down Syndrome who love football. With instruction from NFL football players, along with NFL, college and prep school coaches, athletes learn the fundamentals that put them in the middle of the action, resulting in an authentic football experience.

Letter from Camp Parent

love_football_postage_stamps-r4c0d1637d7e44021ac5fb2f67103c535_xjs8p_8byvr_512I guess this is the best way to send a thank you note to all involved in Camp for the Stars. Every year I am overwhelmed with emotion by the end of the two days and just never write this note that should be sent to all who worked so hard. I am overcome with emotion because the players are all living their dreams in those two days of camp every year. No multi million dollar contract in the NFL would ever mean more to those guys out on the field doing their own touchdown dances and running with the football. The buddies are always so caring and mature.

It renews my hopes for the future, as we raise a generation who can see beyond disabilities to the heart of an individual. The fact that you get these big shots, like players and owners, to attend and give pep talks just astounds me. Well, I could go on and on, but just want to wish Camp for the Stars and it planners continued success. The teacher in me says there was excellent planning and wonderful workers. The mom in me says there is no way to thank such a wonderful group of individuals who care so much for my son and his buddies when they are on the football field. I cry for joy because 27 years ago, there was not a person who told me I could expect such blessings from being a part of the Down Syndrome community. I would never trade my son for an average adult male. Thanks to everyone. Please forward this to whomever you feel should read it.

Gratefully, Parletta D.

Camp Staff

Mike MachadoHead Coach, Valley Christian Warriors

Mike Machado
Founder, Football Camp for the Stars

Bill CherpakHead Coach, Thomas Jefferson High Scholl

Bill Cherpak
Head Coach, Thomas Jefferson High Scholl

George Novak Head Coach, Woodland Hills High School

George Novak
Head Coach, Woodland Hills High School

Jim TomsulaDefensive Line Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Jim Tomsula
Former Head Coach, San Francisco 49ers

Photos & video of past camps

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